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The IV Suite offers customized intravenous (IV) vitamin drips that maximize health, performance recovery, and wellness.

Our drips boost immunity and support recovery from training, illness, or even the after-effects of Phuza Thursday. They improve skin tone and pigmentation, enhance energy and increase hydration.

Why IV Therapy

Oral supplements are absorbed slowly while IV therapy delivers the nutrients directly to the bloodstream bypassing the gastrointestinal system.

Through IV therapy more of the nutrients are absorbed into the cells immediately, producing quicker results and full effects of the vitamins.

When you’re dehydrated, IV therapy allows a greater percentage of water to be absorbed by the body and is more effective than drinking many litres of water. However oral intake must always be continued.

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We offer a wide range of Health and Wellness drips currently in Boksburg, with 11 locations throughout Johannesburg & Pretoria coming soon.

Opening Hours

Our team is available by appointment from Monday – Saturday. Evening appointments are also available.


IV Therapy

Sports recovery
Stress & Fatigue
Feeling run down
Skin Tone
Immune BOOST
Weight Loss

This Is the Best IV Therapy...

Such a relaxing setting I loved every minute of the experience.

Randy Sekole




R800 per therapy


R999 per therapy
With high dose Glutathione


R1350 per therapy
With high dose Glutathione & Kojic Acid


R999 per therapy


R1300 per therapy


R950 per therapy

Immune Booster

R650 per therapy

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Book your appointment online, visit your closest branch and enjoy the benefits of our IV Therapy

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During these unprecedented Covid – 19 times we have re-opened our doors with your safety as our priority. We have instituted measures to ensure you are protected as far as possible. 

  1. Deep cleaning and sanitizing of our suite, surfaces and the equipment used.
  2. Doctors providing the therapy will be in PPE to protect you and themselves.
  3. Covid screening and sanitisation will be done upon entry and sanitization upon leaving.
  4. Please book your appointment on our website or through whatsapp to allow us to cater for safety measures concerning covid – 19.
  5. If you experience any of the covid symptoms please do not come in for your appointment, contact us to reschedule your appointment. Self isolate and seek medical advice.
  6. Please wear a mask for your appointment. No mask no entry.
  7. Only 1, maximum 2 clients will be allowed per appointment slot to allow for social distancing protocols. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to having you. 

Best Regards,

The IV Suite team